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Tankmen Flash...

2009-11-09 04:25:56 by FeedingAdiction

Hey everyone! I'm working on a Tankmen flash! It's just gonna be a little short about the whole Dildo =/= Dick-shaped fleshlight controversy. Oh, and I'm planning on doing the voices myself, but if you'd like to try, send me a PM...

Tankmen Flash...


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2009-11-09 08:00:51

Haha. That's awesome... I bet you didn't draw those on your own...

FeedingAdiction responds:

Yeah.. I ripped it from Tankmen 2.... Can't get any better than the original.


2009-11-28 07:09:35

Don't leave mean things on other peoples userpages, which are completely unprovoked and hypocritical.

FeedingAdiction responds:

...When did I do that?


2010-05-07 07:39:19

I'm going to be honest, and say; please don't. Leave it to the original makers.
If you love something, don't try to contribute, love it and leave it. Sound's strange, I know, but it's better that way.


2010-05-22 08:27:01

Lets get physical baby.